Why Take Supplements?

Time is the most precious thing in the world. In a perfect scenario people would not have any problems getting all of their meals in for the day at the right time. Unfortunately, life does not work like that and things sometimes go astray, often at the worst possible time. Supplements make it easy to adjust to these events because if something comes up in your daily routine that hinders you from eating a complete meal, you can instead just take an MPR shake with your dosing of Dianabol and Anavar and these will provide the nutrients you need. It is no secret supplements are extremely convenient. Having the ability to get your protein in your body in less than 30 seconds is a life-saver when something happens that we were not able to plan ahead for. 

Supplements are here to enhance your already perfected training, nutrition, and rest. If both training partners are of equal strength but one is taking supplements than that person will make progress faster and ultimately surpass the training partner at the end of the day. Supplements WILL give you an advantage; as much time and effort as athletes prepare for a meet, he or she needs all the help they can get. 

It is a common diet protocol to take BCAAs and EEAs throughout the day to stay in an anabolic state. Trying to accomplish this with meat products only is costly and time consuming. Plus it is not easy to step away from work for 5 minutes or more to eat and prepare your food. If you simply taking 5 or 10 Humapro protein pills you will be set for the next few hours and you will have accounted for your dietary needs only in the amount time it took to count the pills out and swallow them. 

One chicken breast serving costs approximately two dollars for 4-5 grams of protein actually absorbed. However, with Humapro, your body will absorb the same 5 grams of protein for approximately fifty cents! That is a huge savings.

One final consideration is the cost of protein you purchase in the store compared to the cost of protein from Humapro. One chicken breast has approximately 20 grams of protein in it. However, you do not absorb 100% of the chicken breast. Most meats have around a 20-25% bioavailability rate. However, with Humapro, there is a 100% bioavailability rate of absorption. With this in mind you will only be actually absorbing 4-5 grams of protein from each chicken breast. Alternatively, you can take 5 protein pills from Humapro and get the same 5 grams of protein at a fraction of the cost. 

​​​  ​​    You don't have to be the best to walk through these doors, just a desire to be better.