​​​  ​​    You don't have to be the best to walk through these doors, just a desire to be better.

Joe DeVerville is from Chicago and started powerlifting under a man you should know, the godfather of powerlifting, Ernie Frantz.  Joe started lifting later in life, but was a student of the game.  Watching and learning everything he could from the monsters in the gym which included "The Goat" Eddie Coan.  Eventually Joe moved to Macon, Georgia and brought real powerlifting with him. Joe opened up a supplement store named Sci Fit of Georgia and had his own private gym in the backroom of his store where he passed on his knowledge of powerlifting.  
It took a lot just walk in the backroom of that place and have him train you.  In more than 10 years of coaching powerlifters, he has never asked for a dime from anyone he has trained.  Instead he expects the absolute best out of you and that is the price you pay for his time.  Joe instilled a 'powerlifting first and everything else is second' mentality.  A commitment to the perfection of the big three lifts; squat, bench, and deadlift.  When you lifted under him and you went to a meet, people only needed to see your form and technique to know where you trained.  I have literally watched this man walk up to a bench on crutches and bench over 500 pounds in his 60's.  So I can't say enough about the influence this man  has had on every person he has helped.

This is Dirty South Barbell. This place came from a need, a need to continue excellence.  This place is bursting at the seems with knowledge and experience.  In a world where any fool with zero accomplishments to his name runs around doing seminars, try coming to the people who cut through the bull crap.  We are fan boys of no one and we tell it like it is.  We aren't trapped in one way of thinking.  We are always growing always experimenting and stay students ourselves.  We accept anyone on their jourmey to get better.

Welcome to Dirty South Barbell. 

This may be the first time you are hearing the name, but we have been on the rise for a long time.  I am proud to say that this is more than a gym, this is a family.  A family rooted in hardcore powerlifting.  We are old school with a mix of new school.  We don't believe in cutting corners, but smart work beats hard work everytime.  We train all sports and accept any athlete on the search to better themselves.  But if we are going talk about a beginning we have to talk about a man named Joe DeVerville.

You'll notice Joe in the background always analyzing and taking apart every lift

Eventually it was time for Sci Fit to close and the need for a new gym hit. Enter the birth of Dirty South Barbell.  This time was a big transition for everyone.   Many people stopped lifting in the area and the gym dwindled to a few consistent members.  It really came down to me (Shane Hammock) and Jim Benson, but the problem was that I was headed for Westside Barbell.  I had gotten my invite and I wanted to see what Louie could do for me, but I was really torn about this.  I was leaving a training partner and a brother behind, but we both talked it over and he understood that this was a temporary move.  So off I headed and there were times Jim just had his grandparents to trip the monolift for a 1000 pound squat.  Jim didnt stop training in fact he kept pushing himself no matter who was there, and eventually he created what is now Dirty South Barbell.  His family grew and by the time my 3 year run at Westside was done, I came home to something new.   When I came home the shed on Jim's family property was practically bursting with people.  It wasn't long before we got to talking about moving up in the world, and eventually we found the building we were looking for and decided to take a chance.