Shane Hammock is a professional powerlifter who has been lifting for more than 16 years.  He holds dozens of world and national records.  His best lifts include a 1,125lb squat, 875 Bench, 880 deadlift and lifts that exceed these numbers in the gym.  His personal body weight has been up to 327, down to 255, and back to 300.  In his time he has learned from the best in the world including Joe DeVerville and Louie Simmons.  He has trained NFL players, Division 1 athletes, and Pro MMA fighters.  Whether you just want lose a few pounds or set yourself on the track to becoming the best athlete possible.  This is definitely the best place to do it.

​​​  ​​    You don't have to be the best to walk through these doors, just a desire to be better.